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Ux Design

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Ux designer, Ui designer, Ux researcher

Accessible and affordable health care made easy.

Project Goal:
The goal of the project is to develop a mobile app and responsive web platform that facilitates easy scheduling and connects low-income families and individuals with nearby healthcare providers. The aim is to improve accessibility and affordability of healthcare for this target audience.

Target Audience:
The target audience for the app and web platform includes low-income families and individuals who face financial constraints and limited access to healthcare services. The design should cater to users with varying levels of digital literacy and ensure accessibility for individuals with disabilities.

Key Challenges or Constraints:

Limited resources: The project may face limitations in terms of budget, time, or technical resources, requiring the designer to optimize solutions within these constraints.

Addressing digital literacy: Designing for a diverse audience with varying levels of digital literacy will require creating intuitive and user-friendly interfaces.
Accessibility: Ensuring that the app and web platform are accessible to individuals with disabilities, including those with visual impairments or motor limitations.
Research Study Details:

To gather insights about the target audience and their healthcare needs, a research study was conducted. This study involved methods such as surveys, interviews, and observation of low-income families and individuals accessing healthcare services. The research aimed to understand their challenges, preferences, and pain points in accessing healthcare, as well as their comfort and familiarity with technology.

Initial Design Concepts:
I developed initial design concepts. These concepts outlined the core features and functionalities of the mobile app and responsive web platform, focusing on improving accessibility, affordability, and ease of scheduling appointments with nearby healthcare providers.

User Testing Results:
The wireframes were tested with the target audience through usability testing sessions. User feedback and observations were collected to identify areas of improvement and validate the design decisions. The user testing results informed the iteration and refinement of the design.

The three takeaways from testing were as followed:
1. The onboarding filter should be a but more detailed
2. The scheduling calendar feature was confusing
3. There should be a saved doctors section

Mockups or High-Fidelity Prototypes of Final, Polished Designs:
Based on the user testing insights, I refined the designs and created high-fidelity mockups and prototypes. These polished designs showcased the final visual and interactive aspects of the mobile app and responsive web platform. The mockups and prototypes demonstrated the improved accessibility, affordability, and ease of use for low-income families and individuals seeking healthcare services.

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